Movie night snacks

We have a tradition in our house to do movies every Friday night with the kids…even if we are repeating the same movie for the umpteenth time. This is purely time exclusively set aside for the kids with no rules about sleep time or who should give us the memory verse for the evening.

During such nights we get to learn who got involved in a fight & why, latest Swahili vocabulary that our kids have learned, the new kids on the block & general stuff that we have failed to notice in the course of the week. Dinner is served 30 minutes early i.e. at 5.30 pm, homework follows shortly after & then movies start at 7.30pm after the last parent has checked in.

The movie has to be either a cartoon or simple comedy so that we can be able to find a quick answer when the sing along  tune of ‘why?’ questions. To accompany these answers everyone has their own bowl of popcorns which is sometimes accompanied by home-made fried ground nuts. Yes…sometimes coz nuts are pretty costly. On that note, if you happen to know where to get good quality nuts at a pocket friendly rate in Mombasa…let me know because consumers in the house are breathing fire up my neck with the latest reason being ‘ lakini mum si ulisema niko na apetite’ ( but mum you said that i have an apetite!).

For the popcorns you need;

a handful of popcorns

1/4 cup oil

2 tablespoons butters



Heat up your pan at high heat and add the oil

Add you popcorns only after the oil starts smoking. Ensure the popcorns are covered with the oil.

Add salt & butter then cover. They should start popping almost immediately.

After 30 seconds, turn down the heat to medium and let it pop for a 1-2 minutes.

Shake the pan & remove from heat after 30 seconds.

Let it sit for 2 minutes before serving.



groundsnut-before (

Using a wide pan, add some oil & let it smoke.

Add your nuts and continually stir.

When they start making a crackling noise, turn down the heat & continue stirring.

Remove from the heat once they become a shade darker.

This is a very quick process & does not take more than 3 minutes.

Be careful not to burn them …!

Immediately remove from the pan and onto a flat tray or wide plate covered with a serviette or kitchen towel to drain the oil.

sprinkle with salt & let it cool down before serving.


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