A Juicy Affair

I knew it.

You saw the title and quickly logged in to get the latest udaku. Sorry to disappoint you but here is a thought to ponder as you seek to renew your mind and not conform to such a way of living anymore.

Romance as we knew it in Mills & Boons would be ideal. Love at first sight or is it at first glance and then happily ever after. That would save us a lot of heart-break, disappointment, depression and all that comes with it.

Imagine you and this dude checking each other out ,are attracted to each other and you both know it. Your friends encourage you to go for it but both of you are too shy. Sounds familiar, right. So, of course, the man in his bravado makes the first move and as the script follows, the girl plays hard to get and eventually gives in.

A romance blooms and oops! A baby is on the way. The downside is but one. You are both Africans and you discovered you are related in such a manner that will not give you favor before either side of elders. Secondly, you are the daughter of the Chief and thirdly, your boyfriend is the son of the County Commissioner.

Dilemma here is the Chief has traditionally been the main man from the mashinani level and the County Commissioner is a political appointee with a vague job description almost similar with the chief. Tension and rivalry has been the ever-present third-party in this relationship between the Chief and the County Commissioner. What would be the ideal resolution of this situation; culture or politics?

Mango ginger juice

Truth is it is bitter-sweet kinda situation just like the mango ginger juice.

It is 26°C on average here in Mombasa in the rainy season. This is cold for us. We wear sweaters, jackets and jumpers. Na hatuogi!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t stink coz we shower 4 to 6 times on average on a normal day. A normal day’s temperature is 29°C upwards to 34°C. At 26°C, our sweat glands have not yet been activated.Dear Nairobians, take back this weather.

We had chapatis with maharagwe wa nazi for dinner tonight and after dinner, tea is my custom. I had a change of heart today and opted for juice, rather i was craving this juice despite the cold. The good thing is that ginger warms you up. So touchè.


Back in primary school, i loved these mangoes because you would purchase it with masala (chilli mixed with salt to a perfect balance) for three bob. A mere three shillings. I loved those days coz i would bargain with a 5 bob for two of them such that i would eat one on my way home for lunch and the second one on my way back to class. Don’t ask me where the money came from. Childhood rites of passage applied at this point in my life.


Fast forward to today, to make the juice ensure you have mangoes that are semi-ripe and should be more than the ginger. The measure of ginger is up to your threshold. Sugar is as desired.


4 mangoes – 40/-

1/8 kg of ginger – 20/-

Sugar as desired

1.5 liters water

Peel mangoes & ginger.

Place in blender.Add sugar and water and blend.

Sieve and serve with ice or store in the fridge for later consumption.

A serving of 5 people will cost you 60/-

Another juice that is a quick fix requires mint, sugar and lemon. I so badly wanted to rephrase this statement but it would sound so dirty, so i won’t.

Mint leaves. Courtesy: Google
Lemon. Courtesy: Google

A handful of mint leaves and half a lemon make a lovely pair aroma-wise and i never thought it possible that it would make a drink apart from Sprite. All you need is to wash your mint leaves and dry them in a kitchen towel. Place then in a spice grinder or blender together with sugar, a cup of sugar to be precise, & grind.

You can store this mixture in the fridge for later use or you can consume immediately. If you do not dry your leaves completely before grinding, this is the consistency you get but it will still work.

Looks yuck but the aroma is from another planet or maybe heaven

Take 1 – 2 tablespoons of this mix, place in a glass, squeeze your lemon, add water and stir. Save yourself the burden of consuming commercially produced soft drinks at the expense of nutrients and your health.

The yellow (imported) lemons taste better than the green ones. However, that is just my opinion but to each his own.


See you soon with tamarind at hand.

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I love words written in beautiful prose. I am a woman who is in love with Jesus and loves to cook. I am a bride in boots.

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