Chai Rangi or Lemon Mint?

Chai rangi maybe.....

Dear Mombasa beach,

I miss you. I know I don’t really visit you as much but when I do, I make it worthwhile by having a family breakfast picnic, morning walks with the kids or evening stroll with my trolley pusher.

Penthouse view at The Shaza in Shanzu

People say that you don’t know what you got until it’s lost but life says you know what you got but only value it when it’s gone. Beach, I am sorry. I know you have always been there have been enticing me with the kachiri, viazi karai,pweza or just letting the kids make memories.

Yet, I have been blowing you off with excuses thinking you ain’t going anywhere. I am ashamed of not visiting you enough. I really should and I will once this foul weather settles down because my sinuses seem to follow it every time it changes.

Let me drown in deep regret as I ponder between chai rangi or lemon mint juice to settle my nerves.


Remorseful converted Coasterian.

Chicken biriani

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I love words written in beautiful prose. I am a woman who is in love with Jesus and loves to cook. I am a bride in boots.

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