Mint Tea

Everyone wanted to be associated with the royal wedding, in one way or another. So did I. Come on…I am human. God is supreme.

He granted my wish.

19th May 2018 is recorded as the day one of my beautiful daughters married her prince charming. Their love story is unmatched because it was not a blind date but a story of waiting patiently for the right time and right one and overcoming the consequent issues.

Heartbreak, tears of pain and joy, lost friendships and forging new ones, defining the relationship and consequently describing the future together.

This is the wedding I attended yesterday. The day was too beautiful for many photos. Its memories shall remain etched in a beautiful place. To be honest, I cried when the rings were exchanged. I rarely do that.

This royal wedding was special.

Dear Nairobians, the weather though. I was clad in a leso pencil skirt, white vest, a light sweater, heavily beaded necklace, stud earrings and heels. It was 19°C.

I was freezing to the spine. I wanted to head back to Mombasa but endured because of my endeared couple and their nuptials.

At the reception, my mind kept oscillating between tea and the keeping up with the wedding events. Mint tea to be specific. Honestly, I could even smell it. I visualised my kitchen clearly and in my mind’s eye saw where I had left the last few stems wrapped in a damp kitchen towel next to coriander packed similarly.

I remember seeing myself pluck a handful of mint leaves and placed them in a cooking pot filled with 3 cups of water. I let it boil till the water turned green then added my export quality tea leaves. Then, let it simmer for another 7 minutes before straining it, adding honey with a thin slice of lemon in a delicate glass cup as I stared at the rain pounding the window of my Mombasa apartment.

Served with sweet potatoes

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I love words written in beautiful prose. I am a woman who is in love with Jesus and loves to cook. I am a bride in boots.

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