Kenyan proverb

One of the most common Kenyan proverbs is this;

At the beginning of the month, we eat chicken. Progressively, we graduate to chicken products but by end month we eat what chicken eat.


Another Kenyan proverb is utajua hujui loosely translated to mean ‘you will acknowledge that you do not know you are talking about while you’re talking about it’.

The latest one is ‘bora uhai’. Contextually, it means I survived even if I did not bring home the cup. At the end of a bad day at work, encourage yourself by placing your hand over your chest while staring at your bathroom mirror BORA UHAI.

(If Swahili is an acquired language for you, we pronounce the words as it is written) don’t fret.

Quick fix for the health conscious worker.


Freshly ground black pepper.



Half an onion – thinly sliced

One ripe diced mango

One fat slice of a mature & ripened pineapple

Quarter of a fat juicy cucumber, diced

One medium yet ripe tomato, sliced

Hoho/pilipili mboga/capsicum – it’s the same thing 🙂

One leaf lettuce


After slicing your onion, soak it in lime juice. This retains the color but takes the sting away.

Wash the lettuce leaf, pat dry in a kitchen towel and place it at the bottom of your lunch tin. Do not slice it if you have no intentionally n of eating it there and then. The taste is very different.

Layer your other ingredients,excluding lemon and lime, in whatever order.

Squeeze quarter lemon and lime on top of the mix. Seal and, if possible, chill in the fridge till lunchtime.

Upon serving, flip the container upside down meaning the lettuce will be up. Slice or tear it to size. Mix.


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I love words written in beautiful prose. I am a woman who is in love with Jesus and loves to cook. I am a bride in boots.

2 thoughts on “Kenyan proverb

  1. Viola this one made me laugh so hard. Cant wait to get home yaani hii kazi ya kutangatanga inanilemea..aai Bora Uhai.

    Well done mama wondering where you find the time to do this (cook and write). Mob respect!

    Ps. I need a plate of this yummy Salad


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