When everything tastes like chicken, please buy one.

I don’t like meat. I love meat.This is what I mean, I eat meat for its purpose not the company. I eat meat because my body has demanded for it and not because I have stayed for 2 months as a herbivore.I am a herbivore of sorts i.e. I can survive on salads and cereals for the longest while. When it comes to my meat, it becomes my love. I treasure it and hence do not go for the traditional stew, instead give me curry. Don’t give plain choma, give the meat rub then slowly grill. If it has to be rojo, aka stew, give it a twist and a kick.My love has to be thorough, well prepared, pleasing to look at and adventurous to the taste. If meat were a man, then he’d better have class 🙂Ingredients

  1. Soy sauce
  2. Paprika
  3. Turmeric
  4. Cayenne pepper
  5. Salt
  6. Ginger & garlic paste
  7. Lemon juice of one lemon

Nb. Measurements to your taste. I hope you’ve noted that I am team Kenya all the way. Turmeric is from Marikiti market.MixThen add your chicken.Let me digress and say this, you can get an 8 piece pack of chicken thighs from Naivasha Nyali at 500/-. Who’d have thought???I love their new look and innovation on the area cut out for cereals and snacks that’s measured rather than the traditional prepacked ones. I guess what I love most is that they have not attempted to be like Nakumatt in its absence. Rather, they have created their own brand. Way to go!!!!Now, where was I?Add your chicken pieces and ensure all areas are covered with the paste.Let it marinate for at least 1hr or overnight.Heat your oil.When ready, deep fry in hot oil.You may notice that once the chicken is in the hot oil, the ginger and garlic may separate from the chicken. That’s okay. The taste will still be there because of the oil now takes up the fragrance and transfers it to the chicken.To obtain the golden brown finish, deep fry a second time but for half the time as initial.What to do with the oil;

  • Let it cool down
  • Strain
  • Place in a separate container
  • Use on veggies & any other foods that will not get stained by the oil since tumeric loves to leave a trace on everything.

For the health freaks, I reuse my oil. Am on a budget. Hush!

Published by nafulalusimba

I love words written in beautiful prose. I am a woman who is in love with Jesus and loves to cook. I am a bride in boots.

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