Nyama Nyama Nyama!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here was my scenario; I opened the fridge and saw the following, half kilo meat, fruits, yogurt, leftover kunde, homemade coconut milk, half a packet of milk, lime and lemons. What meal am I supposed to make out of it? I closed the fridge and sat back at the sofa…

Home Alone

One of the downsides of being used to cook for at least 5 people over the last 7 years is that when you are home alone and hungry, you do not remember how to divide food into small cookable portions for at least 2 people.

Kenyan proverb

At the beginning of the month, we eat chicken. Progressively, we graduate to chicken products but by end month we eat what chicken eat.

Mint Tea

Everyone wanted to be associated with the royal wedding, in one way or another. So did I. Come on…I am human. God is supreme.

Tamarind Sauce

Dressed up, we showed up 10 minutes before time so as to create a good impression. 15 minutes past time, other attendees started trickling in and 15 minutes later the event started. Tea and snacks was served after the meeting and unlike usual, I opted to go last. Impression matters.

That decision did not disappoint

Who doesnt love yogurt?

Every time I go to the supermarket with the kids, I avoid the dairy section and the till because of yogurt and candy respectively. I get so worked up that I would normally ask my husband to take the kids and go ahead or I just ignore all the insistent requests with a pan face….

Black Magic Cake

How to forget your child’s birthday then use some black magic to save the day during the 58th day of #60DaysOfJanuary


Imagine with me, omena with a different taste. Instead of a light soup, you have a thick sauce, almost like that of biriani sauce, not as spiced of course yet gently hot.

Read on coz you are in luck today.

Carrot Cake

The strangest thing is I have been craving crunchy or sweet food at 4pm on the dot for the last 2 weeks and have been secretly giving in. So yesterday, I decided, why should I be eating processed versions of what my kitchen can produce without the stabilizers and sodium nitrate preservatives.

Hence, the carrot cake with 100% natural ingredients i.e. Vegetable oil, carrots, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, flour and sugar.

Yes, the craving knocked at my office door at the expected time and the carrot cake answered.

#FoodieStruggles #FoodieLife