Nyama Nyama Nyama!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here was my scenario; I opened the fridge and saw the following, half kilo meat, fruits, yogurt, leftover kunde, homemade coconut milk, half a packet of milk, lime and lemons. What meal am I supposed to make out of it? I closed the fridge and sat back at the sofa…

Tamarind Sauce

Dressed up, we showed up 10 minutes before time so as to create a good impression. 15 minutes past time, other attendees started trickling in and 15 minutes later the event started. Tea and snacks was served after the meeting and unlike usual, I opted to go last. Impression matters.

That decision did not disappoint

Chai Rangi or Lemon Mint?

I miss this moment. I miss the beach. This erratic weather is confusing everything….. what to eat & drive, where to go or not, whom to meet or not even what to wear or not. Chai rangi or lemon mint juice.

Dear Nairobians….

Dear Nariobians,

May i have your attention please. We need to talk.


Listen to me. This is what you need to know.

Who doesnt love yogurt?

Every time I go to the supermarket with the kids, I avoid the dairy section and the till because of yogurt and candy respectively. I get so worked up that I would normally ask my husband to take the kids and go ahead or I just ignore all the insistent requests with a pan face….

Carrot Cake

The strangest thing is I have been craving crunchy or sweet food at 4pm on the dot for the last 2 weeks and have been secretly giving in. So yesterday, I decided, why should I be eating processed v… Source: Carrot Cake Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Imagine with me, omena with a different taste. Instead of a light soup, you have a thick sauce, almost like that of biriani sauce, not as spiced of course yet gently hot.

Read on coz you are in luck today.