Ti’s the season, He’s the reason

Have a great one folks. If you have to drink, drink milk. Party responsibly. On a serious note, meditate on the reason for the season and keep it real. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Chillies O’clock

It must have been fatigue or lack of breakfast but my mind kept wandering during the service but I can remember the sermon. It was a beautiful one. Just the details in between our arrival and the sermon that seem hazy.

Swahili Pilau

Easy pizzy, lemon squuezy!!!

Now say it louder, but this time imagine you don’t have your two front teeth. Eathi pithi,lemon squegee!!

Kenyan proverb

At the beginning of the month, we eat chicken. Progressively, we graduate to chicken products but by end month we eat what chicken eat.

Fishy manenos

That’s a piece of heaven I would not mind having its title deed in my name. Jesus, do me good.

Mint Tea

Everyone wanted to be associated with the royal wedding, in one way or another. So did I. Come on…I am human. God is supreme.

Tamarind Sauce

Dressed up, we showed up 10 minutes before time so as to create a good impression. 15 minutes past time, other attendees started trickling in and 15 minutes later the event started. Tea and snacks was served after the meeting and unlike usual, I opted to go last. Impression matters.

That decision did not disappoint